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'Never, ever break a promise': Watch the trailer for the new season of Teen Mom 2

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is almost back, and this new trailer offers a first glimpse at the madness. As their kids hit the toddler stage, Jenelle, Chelsea, Kaitlin, and Leah will have a lot of tantrums on their hands—and they should probably learn to deal with them without all shouting “SHUT UP” at once. On top of that, the new season promises rocky marriages, custody battles, and visits from the cops. Check out the trailer for all of the drama—and a few heartwarming family moments on the side.

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'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans arrested

One of the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 has been arrested in South Carolina and charged with breaching the peace.

Jail records show 21-year-old Jenelle Lauren Evans was booked into the Horry County jail just after 5 p.m. Saturday. She was released about an hour later.

Police say they were called Saturday afternoon about a man and a woman yelling outside a North Myrtle Beach home. Evans’ boyfriend told police she locked him out of the house.

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MTV: 'No decision' on 'Teen Mom 2' future


Is Teen Mom 2 headed the way of Jersey Shore?

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'Teen Mom 2' season 2 trailer: Well, I guess this is growing up -- WATCH

It almost seems a little redundant to ponder what the casts of Teen Mom have been up to, as their on and off-screen woes have become headline-grabbing tabloid fodder.

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Basic cable shows: What's hot (and what's not)

We know what you’ve been thinking: Is Extreme Couponing a hit for TLC? Is anyone really watching American Restoration? Lucky for you, we’ve got the results from the second quarter, which will not only allow us to gauge the success of series that aired during the regular TV season (hi, The Killing!), but also take into consideration shows that began in June (welcome back to TV, Falling Skies’ Noah Wyle).

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Teen Mom 2 season finale recap: The End of the Road

Chelsea Teen Mom 2

On last night’s season finale, we saw some of the girls make leaps and bounds (Leah), while others seemed to fall deeper and deeper into bad decisions (Jenelle). In between the two extremes were Chelsea and Kailyn, who continued to deal with their baby-daddy issues and whose stories encapsulated the difficulty of single parenthood. I laughed, I cried, I squealed when I saw Ali. Here’s what went down:


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Teen Mom 2 recap: Onward and...Upward?

Kailyn Teen Mom 2

From Kailyn’s joint-custody filing to Leah’s on-again wedding, the girls try to get their lives back on track. Let’s see how they fared:


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'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle ponders her potential legal battle -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

After last week’s credit card-stealing antics, on tonight’s episode, we see Jenelle homeless, penniless, and, now thanks to her mother, battling some legal issues.

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Teen Mom 2 recap: No Money, Mo' Problems

Teen Mom 2 Leah

The girls all hit turning points last night, from Chelsea pondering her relationship with Adam to Leah wondering whether marriage was in the cards right now. Let’s see how it all went down:


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'Teen Mom' Chelsea gets a shocking message from her ex-boyfriend -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

On last week’s Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and Adam mutually parted ways. She was tired of wondering whether he was cheating, and he was tired of being asked to, you know, come home at night.

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