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The Whispers

ABC cancels The Whispers

Don’t keep an ear out for more Whispers from ABC: The network passed on renewing the summer show from Steven Spielberg.

The sci-fi series that debuted in June was based on the Ray Bradbury short story from 1951 titled “Zero Hour.” It centered on a series of accidents that occurred around kids who communicated with the same imaginary friend called Drill.

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'Game Over'

Behold, the notes I hastily typed while watching the last minutes of this episode:


So… yeah. Aliens! And cliffhangers!

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'Traveller in the Dark'

The bananas show that is t h e  w h i s p e r s taught us two things tonight: First, that Drill possessed Cassandra, the president’s daughter, and had her transmit a signal via a bloodcurdling banshee scream in the middle of the White House during a live press conference. And second, that in the real world, the MVP of this bonkers series isn’t any of the adults: It’s Kylie Rogers, who plays Minx. Just look at everything she has to do in this penultimate episode: She’s scared, she’s devilish, and she’s able to make you question your own assumptions about Drill’s identity.

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Drill must really hate Wes. First he kills his wife (RIP Lena), and then he possesses his daughter—apparently, anyway (more on that in a bit). So what’s next, Drill? A scene where Wes must sacrifice himself to save her? Is that where this season is headed? Drill, you devious little alien minx.

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'Darkest Fears'

Tonight, Wes said the best way to hunt down Drill was to profile him. So! Here’s everything we know about Drill: Drill feeds on energy and travels through power lines. Drill uses children to carry out his deadly deeds. Drill can possess said children.

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'Broken Child'

Our heroes/concerned parents are back (and so am I—hello again, the w h i s p e r s watchers) and they’re ready to follow more crumb-sized clues tonight in the face of obstacles like: a) a mental institution’s flimsy wallpaper, b) Delaware state law removing records older than seven years, and c) a padlock over a circuit breaker in a hospital basement.

Oh, and children who are actively willing to kill.

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'A Hollow Man'

The adults on The Whispers have to get one thing straight, there’s no way it was ever going to be that easy to defeat Drill. Sure in last week’s episode Sean almost died trying to set up the EMP weapon to kill the alien entity, but Drill travels through electricity and he’s a life form of higher intelligence than us. There’s no way he didn’t have a safe exit strategy in case humans tried to kill him.

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'Whatever It Takes'

Wes and Sean go head to head in the newest episode of The Whispers, and it’s really quite thrilling. But what’s even more fascinating is what we learn about the mysterious rock that is connected to Drill. Unfortunately we don’t really get any more information about Drill’s intricate plans, aside from his goal to pull an ET and “phone home” for reinforcements. it’s definitely not nearly as adorable as Spielberg’s other alien. But Drill might not be the only villain on the series.

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'The Archer'

I think it’s safe to say that at this point in The Whispers, we won’t totally know what Drill is until the last possible second, which makes seeing hashtags and promos touting his identity all the more frustrating. However in this week’s episode “The Archer,” we do get one step closer to the truth as we actually get to see Drill, kind of. Your regular, expert The Whispers recapper Shirley Li is out for a few weeks and I’m glad to be stepping into whatever the hell is going on with this show. At this point, I’m more confused than anything else.

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'What Lies Beneath'

Another week, another t h e  w h i s p e r s. Will it finally be the week for us to find out Drill’s identity? With an episode titled after one of my favorite creepy Michelle Pfeiffer films that promised all the answers in the promos, well, I had high hopes.

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