Tim Herlihy

Pixels co-writer Tim Herlihy discusses Adam Sandler and Ridiculous Six controversy

Consider nearly every comic Adam Sandler project. Writer Tim Herlihy probably had a hand in it in some way. The 48-year-old is credited with writing 11 of Sandler’s films, including his early post-Saturday Night Live works Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, as well as Pixels and the upcoming western parody The Ridiculous Six.

But their relationship goes back to before SNL: The pair were college roommates at New York University. Herlihy later joined Sandler on SNL after quitting his law job, ultimately becoming the show’s head writer. (Yes, he’s the namesake for The Herlihy Boy.) A native of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Herlihy grew up in a family of police offers and firefighters and was never considered “the funny one.” EW caught up with the scribe ahead of the release of Pixels, which he co-wrote with Timothy Dowling (Role Models) and opens in theaters today.

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