Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire goes for checkmate in Pawn Sacrifice trailer

The first trailer for Pawn Sacrifice offers a look at Tobey Maguire as legendary chess player Bobby Fischer. In the heat of the Cold War, Fischer challenged the Soviet Union’s Boris Spassky (Liev Scheiber), the reigning world champion, to prove who was the better player. But the match became about much more than determining the superior chess genius—it came to reflect tensions spanning the globe, and the new trailer hints at the pressure Fischer faced in the lead-up to that match.

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Pawn Sacrifice director Edward Zwick on 'pre-punk hero' Bobby Fischer

People have been searching for the real Bobby Fischer for more than 40 years. The arrogant and enigmatic late chess grandmaster, who was the Mozart of international competition as a teenage champion in the 1950s, was thrust into the zero-sum political rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war.

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Sony picks up female-led 'The Eden Project', Tobey Maguire to produce


Image Credit: David Cooper

The Eden Project, a secretive sci-fi action film centered on two female characters, has found a home at Sony.

The studio closed a deal for Christina Hodson’s spec script after Material principals Tobey Maguire and Matthew Plouffe brought it to their attention, Sony announced Friday. Columbia Pictures’ Hannah Minghella will oversee the project, which Maguire and Plouffe will produce.

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TIFF: Tobey Maguire's Bobby Fischer movie sells for low seven figures

Pawn Sacrifice

In advance of its world premiere tonight in Toronto, Pawn Sacrifice, Ed Zwick’s movie about erratic chess genius Bobby Fischer and his 1972 matchup with Soviet champion Boris Spassky, was picked up by Bleecker Street for a low seven figures price. Tobey Maguire, who stars as Fischer, worked for a decade to get the story on film, and Steven Knight, who recently wrote and directed the Tom Hardy drive-and-talk drama, Locke, wrote the script.

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Kristen Wiig and Tobey Maguire get too close in 'Spoils of Babylon' clip -- VIDEO

Gird your loins: In just a few short weeks, IFC will premiere The Spoils of Babylon – an epic miniseries parody based on an epic fake novel about an epic fictional family of oil tycoons. The clan includes Kristen Wiig and Tobey Maguire as Cynthia and Devon, a brother and sister with… more than familiar feelings for each other. (Don’t start playing the theme from Flowers in the Attic in your head – Devon’s adopted.)

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