Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk rides a hoverboard (for real this time, apparently)

Tony Hawk

After ruining the dreams of every Back to the Future fan earlier this year, Tony Hawk is once again trying to sell the masses on hoverboard technology. Only this time, it’s real.

Helping to promote the Hendo Hover, Hawk appeared in a video to take a few spins on what purports to be the world’s first real hoverboard.

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Catch up on the biggest announcements at CES 2015 so far

Mercedes Benz

Image Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The 2015 Consumers Electronics Show officially began today, Jan. 6, but many of the world’s biggest tech companies held press conferences on CES’ “Day Zero.”

Announcing some of the coolest, ambitious, and expensive ideas and items in technology, companies like Samsung, Sony, and others showed their vision for the future over a day of press conferences.

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Daft Punk, Elton John, The Clash, and other join Tony Hawk and Ben Harper for second 'Boards + Bands' charity auction

Daft Punk Skateboard

Image Credit: Jody Morris

Last year, Tony Hawk launched the first Boards + Bands auction, which raised over $126,000 to build skate parks for at-risk youth by auctioning off custom skateboard decks featuring hand-written lyrics from famous artists – and this year, the participants include Daft Punk, Ben Harper, members of the Clash, Elton John, and John Lydon.

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