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Hugh Grant reveals why he turned down a role in Two and a Half Men

After Charlie Sheen exited Two and a Half Men back in 2011, CBS was on the hunt for his replacement. Reports emerged that Hugh Grant was in the running to succeed the sitcom star, but Ashton Kutcher ultimately scored the role. Now, Grant has revealed why he turned down the part.

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Today: Charlie Sheen says he regrets ruining Two and a Half Men

After revealing himself to be HIV positive in November 2015, Charlie Sheen returned to Today Tuesday morning, sharing an update on his life with the disease, reflecting on past regrets, and speaking out against a controversial treatment he sought in Mexico earlier this year. 

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Charlie Sheen joins Friends cast for Burrows special

The lineup for NBC’s James Burrows tribute special, a.k.a “The One That’s Kinda a Friends Reunion Depending on How You Define ‘Reunion,’ ” has been released. 

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Jon Cryer reveals his insane, firsthand account of Charlie Sheen's breakdown in new memoir

In his new memoir, So That Happened (out April 7), Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men (and more importantly, Pretty in Pink) details his own account of his former co-star Charlie Sheen’s breakdown. Cryer doesn’t mince words—his description of Sheen’s undoing is brutally honest, and  it’s pretty fascinating to go back down that rabbit hole of “tiger blood” and “goddesses.”

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Charlie Sheen on former boss Chuck Lorre: 'I don't care if he lives or dies'

Charlie Sheen had a few choice words for Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and about the show’s finale, according to People. The actor sent this message to Lorre via TMZ on Monday: “You must feel safe, motherf***er. You must feel safe where you live.” 

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Fans show up for Two and a Half Men finale (even though Sheen did not)

At the risk of sounding like the title of a Two and a Half Men episode: Honestly, we expected bigger.

TV’s longest-running current live-action sitcom closed its run Thursday night with a hefty ratings gain compared to last week, which marks the show’s biggest numbers since 2013. Yet the comedy’s performance was far from the huge spike one might have expected, given its longevity and media attention.  

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'Two and a Half Men' co-creator explains his surprising finale ending

Charlie Harper was still alive, yet Charlie Sheen was nowhere to be seen on CBS’ Two and a Half Men series finale. The comedy closed its record-setting 12-season run with an ultra-meta one-hour episode Thursday night, which brought back many familiar faces from the show’s past, a few celebrity guests, a rather unexpected dose of animation, and a shock cameo by the show’s co-creator.

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Two and a Half Men series finale react: A winning end

Two and a Half Men ended like it’s acted for 12 seasons—uncompromising in what it was. The hour, entitled “Of Course He’s Dead,” didn’t just address the show’s detractors or the history of Charlie Sheen both on and off the show, it made them the focal point around the final episode’s plot.

It all comes together in such unapologetic fashion—with such a meta flair that even Dan Harmon wouldn’t attempt it—that whether you liked the finale or not, the show doesn’t care. It, and Chuck Lorre, went out on the exact notes it wanted to end. And that note, as far as Lorre was concerned, was a #winning one.

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16 utterly strange things you might not know happened on Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men | Monday, 8-8:30 p.m., CBS The warlock has left the building. With the spectacular, bridge-burning, jumping-down-?the-inflatable-?emergency-slide exit of Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men…

Two and a Half Men ends Thursday after a titanic 12-season, 262-episode run that truly launched the Chuck Lorre empire. And in case you weren’t one of the millions who tuned in over the past dozen years, a lot happened on this show.

Like what, you ask? Here are a few of the more notable, bizarre moments that EW could pick out.

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Chuck Lorre praises Charlie Sheen era: 'Two and a Half Men' finale to honor the show's past


Charlie Sheen returning for the Two and a Half Men series finale sounded more likely during a press conference with critics at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour Thursday.

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