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Under the Dome

'The Enemy Within'

We were the dome all along. The dome was all inside the mind of a small child holding a snowglobe. They were dead the whole time.

For a show that practically winked at the screen every other scene, Under the Dome didn’t end in such a ridiculous fashion. All things considered, the last moments of “The Enemy Within,” are unpredictably… simple, maybe even a little expected.

But, before the end montage offered most of the main players a relatively quiet dome-free life (for now), they endured an expectedly bloody, illogical end to the dome.

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Big Jim and the rest aren't Under the Dome in exclusive finale clip, but all is not well

The Under the Dome finale is almost here, and the extended living nightmare shared among everyone in Chester’s Mill looks like it will wrap up in expectedly violent fashion.

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Here we are, folks, down to the wire. With news that Under the Dome is going under after next week’s episode, the series concluding its magnificent tale of domes, aliens, monarch butterflies, and too many bad decisions by the people of Chester’s Mill to count.

And in a town full of “shoot first, ask questions later” types with the egg timer of their lives ticking down, the penultimate chapter in their story is the perfect time for plenty of murder, cartoonish levels of fighting sound effects, and tackling stem cell research.

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Under the Dome to end this season

CBS is putting the residents of Chester’s Mill out of their misery. 

The network has decided to end its summer thriller Under the Dome next month— which is still two years after the show was originally expected to conclude. 

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'Love Is a Battlefield'

Stuck between an amethyst and a queen baby, the resistance has to go on the offensive during “Love Is a Battlefield.” Christine is closer than ever to getting exactly what she’s been working tirelessly several weeks (and an entire fake year) for. And despite Jim, Julia, Barbie, and Aktaion’s best efforts, things aren’t looking too good for the freedom force after the losses incurred on the battlefield of love.

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Julia, Big Jim, and Hektor argue whether a cure can work in exclusive Under the Dome clip

With Aktaion’s help, the resistance is trying to take down Christine’s kinship on Under the Dome, but will cold derision among the group put that all at risk? 

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The dome may be coming down! So naturally, someone wants to keep the dome up, and it’s not those in control of it. Aktaion—Hector Martin, specifically—has found its way once again into the dome, looking to put an end to their mission while the resistance continues to wage war with the kinship. And that means a whole lot of unnecessary murder, fighting, and generally bad decision-making. So let’s jump into the fire, literally.

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Junior tries to make Joe help the kinship (by beating him up) in exclusive Under the Dome clip

Even the kinship is looking to bring the dome down on Under the Dome, and, as a new clip from this week’s episode suggests, the dome’s fate may entirely rest on Joe’s shoulders. Uh-oh.

In the exclusive clip from “Legacy,” Junior and Sam go to interrogate the captured Joe, hoping to bully him into helping bring down the dome before it calcifies and kills them all. As it seems no one else in the dome can understand soundwaves, they hope Joe will give into the kinship’s pull and assist them.

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'Plan B'

If you’re still rooting for Julia and Barbie’s romance, than, boy, is “Plan B” the episode of Under the Dome for you. And if not, well… it looks like Big Jim might actually still have a little heart left in him. So that has to count for something, right?

It was one step forward, one step backward for the resistance this week, as they regrouped following the destruction of Christine’s precious mines and amethysts.

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Big Jim shows a little heart — but just a little — in exclusive Under the Dome clip

Does Big Jim have a heart when it comes to anyone other than his dog Indy? A new clip from Under the Dome suggests he just might – but only for a few moments at a time.

In the exclusive clip above from this week’s episode of Under the Dome, “Plan B,” Big Jim has a surprisingly sweet moment with Hunter, who only episodes ago Jim was willing to kill if need be. (This being a man who has, more than once, considered killing his own son, of course. So, pointing a gun at someone is just a regular Tuesday for Jim, it seems). 

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