United Passions

Art imitates life: Tim Roth admits taking role of corrupt FIFA official for the money

Around the time FIFA officials were being indicted by the FBI for soliciting bribes and kickbacks, the world soccer organization also produced a critically reviled film, United Passions, telling the glorious story of the heroic men who invented the World Cup, including its recently banned president Sepp Blatter. FIFA even managed to bring in a recognizable actor to portray Blatter, TIm Roth, but The Hateful Eight actor recently revealed he didn’t accept the role for any altruistic or artistic reasons. He did it for the money.

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FIFA-funded film about FIFA United Passions tanks at box office -- report

FIFA, the international governing body for soccer that organizes the World Cup, is in the midst of a ground-shaking scandal, with recent arrests of its officials, corruption charges, and the resignation of its president, Sepp Blatter. So it wasn’t exactly the perfect time for United Passions, the FIFA-funded film about itself that portrays its history and current embattled officials, including Blatter, as sympathetic heroes.

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