Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel teases Fast 8 trailer release date

Fast 8 isn’t even out until next year, but it’s already remarkable for a few reasons. It’s the first entry in the Fast & Furious franchise to begin shooting after star Paul Walker’s death, it’s adding new cast members like Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron, and it’s already gotten headlines for off-camera drama.

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Vin Diesel has a secret Groot Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 script

Groot is a man of few words — five, in fact: “I am,” “we are,” and “Groot.” That’s not quite what the space tree is saying, as his raccoon pal Rocket knows. So what’s the true meaning behind the inflection variations? Only Vin Diesel and James Gunn know.

The director shared a copy of a secret “Groot Version” of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 screenplay on Friday. And it’s only for the eyes of two people, according to the front page: star Diesel, and Gunn.

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Vin Diesel says Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in Avengers: Infinity War

Vin Diesel just RSVP’d for Avengers: Infinity War, and it sounds like he’s bringing the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy gang with him.

During a Facebook Live stream on Friday, the baritone voice behind the extraterrestrial tree creature Groot confirmed he and his fellow space misfits will appear in the third installment of the Avengers franchise.

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