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Adam Nimoy to appear on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper’s fanboy dreams are about to come true. 

Adam Nimoy is set to guest-star on The Big Bang Theory on Nov. 5 as himself, and he’ll have recurring guest star Wil Wheaton in tow. The episode, “The Spock Resonance,” will have Nimoy interviewing Sheldon (Jim Parsons) for a documentary about his father, Leonard, who died this year at the age of 83

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The crew's latest mission takes a turn on Dark Matter — exclusive

Things are looking a little bleak for the crew on Dark Matter

In this exclusive clip, a straightforward mission to rescue a scientist being held hostage takes a turn when the group is ambushed by a man (Wil Wheaton) with a connection to one of their own. He’s willing to do just about anything to get what he wants, and One believes Tabor is behind all of this. What kind of danger is ahead for our team?

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Discovery Channel hammered for 'Megalodon' shark special


Image Credit: Discovery Channel

A Discovery Channel special that speculated about whether a giant prehistoric shark could still exist today has drawn a passionate response from viewers – both good and bad.

The program, Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, opened Discovery’s annual Shark Week this weekend. With an estimated 4.8 million viewers, it had the largest audience of any show in the 26 years that Discovery has made Shark Week a part of its summer programming.

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'Falling Skies': Noah Wyle, more cast discuss season 3 finale on '2nd Watch'

Falling Skies wrapped up its third season on TNT tonight, and on hand to talk about the finale on post-airing talk show 2nd Watch are stars Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Jessy Schram, and Maxim Knight.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you don’t want to find out what happened in tonight’s season 3 finale of Falling Skies.

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'Falling Skies': Showrunner Remi Aubuchon, cast members discuss the mole, Cochise, and more on '2nd Watch'

2nd Watch Falling Skies

Image Credit: TNT

The heroes of Falling Skies fell to some new lows in Sunday’s episode as the Espheni mole found a way to shake Charleston to its core – literally and figuratively. On the alien invasion series’ post-airing talk show, 2nd Watch, Wil Wheaton leads a discussion about this latest episode with Drew Roy (Hal), Sarah Carter (Maggie), Doug Jones (Cochise), Seychelle Gabriel (Lourdes), and showrunner Remi Aubuchon.

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'Falling Skies': Noah Wyle talks tonight's 'big risk' episode on '2nd Watch'

Tonight’s episode of Falling Skies was like none other in the series before. On the TNT series’ post-airing discussion show 2nd Watch, actors Noah Wyle (Tom), Drew Roy (Hal), and Jessy Schram (Karen) talk about the unusual episode, which 2nd Watch host Wil Wheaton calls “easily my favorite episode of the entire series to date.”

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you don’t want to find out what happened on tonight’s episode of Falling Skies, “Strange Brew.”


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'Falling Skies': Drew Roy, Sarah Sanguin Carter, more talk tonight's intense episode on '2nd Watch'

Falling Skies Second Watch

Image Credit: TNT

Throughout the third season of Falling Skies, Hal Mason has been secretly struggling with a piece of alien tech controlling his actions. The “evil Hal” storyline came to a head in tonight’s intense episode that Wil Wheaton, host of Falling Skies post-airing talk show 2nd Watch, calls “one of the most white knuckle-inducing episode we’ve ever seen.”

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