Will Arnett

The Gong Show revived by ABC

It’s back: ABC announced Monday that The Gong Show will return.

The unconventional variety show, which originally ran from 1976 to 1978 on NBC – and had later runs as a first-run syndication program before going off the air for good in 1989 – has been picked up for 10 episodes and will be executive produced by Will Arnett and his Electric Avenue Productions, along with Den of Thieves and Principato Young Entertainment.

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The Lego Batman Movie celebrates Batman Day with new poster

It’s Batman Day, which means it’s time to celebrate your favorite Caped Crusader. For Will Arnett in the new Lego Batman Movie poster, that would be himself. 

The mini Dark Knight leaps into action in a new one-sheet image for the film, which touts some pretty solid advice: “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman.”

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Will Arnett teases Arrested Development reunion in LEGO Batman

The LEGO Batman Movie may be all about the adventures of Batman and Robin, but it’ll also be a bit of a Bluth family reunion. Will Arnett will soon be suiting up as the Caped Crusader, with Michael Cera as his sidekick-in-spandex.

Arnett stopped by EW’s studio at San Diego Comic-Con – with LEGO Batman himself, in all his miniature plastic glory – to talk about how excited he was to reunite with his former on-screen nephew.

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Arrested Development: Tony Hale and Will Arnett have a Bluth family reunion at Comic-Con

Hey, brothers!

San Diego Comic-Con became the site of a mini Arrested Development reunion on Thursday when Tony Hale and Will Arnett posted for a Bluth family photo.

Hale posted the snapshot on Instagram — sadly, with nary a Lucille or loose seal in sight — with the caption, “BLUTH BOYS!!!”

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Will Arnett is riding a dragon while asking important Comic-Con questions

Will Arnett is prepping hard to host the three-night telecast titled Syfy Presents Live From Comic-Con, and he’s asking all the right nerdy questions. Question like “What’s The Strain, and can it be cured with penecillin?” And “What will Brexit do to the value of my Doctor Who memorabilia?” But also: “What does Captain America have to do to become Major America?” And let’s not forget: “Are the grandchildren of Beanie Babies called Beanie Babies’ Babies’ Babies?”

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