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5 Gilmore Girls episodes to watch before the ATX reunion panel

As what seems like most of the Stars Hollow population prepares to descend upon the ATX Festival, Gilmore Girls fans may find themselves rewatching an episode or two (or 50) in anticipation of the cast reunion.

So, to emotionally prepare you for all of the nostalgic references, teases about whether or not we’ll finally get that movie, and other incredible reunion moments, EW has chosen five episodes to watch in anticipation of the festival.

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EW to present ATX Television Festival's Gilmore Girls reunion panel on Closing Night

The Gilmore Girls cast is reuniting, and EW will be there to celebrate the return of Stars Hollow’s finest.

EW and the ATX Television Festival are partnering for this year’s fest to present the Gilmore Girls reunion as the ATX Closing Night panel. This year’s ATX festival runs from June 4-7 in Austin, Texas, and offers Gilmore Girls fans a chance to relive the magic of the beloved drama.

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