Season 1
Transparent Recap 110
EPISODE 10 Aired Friday, Sep 26
One last time around the table with the Pfeffermans.
Transparent Recap 109
EPISODE 9 Aired Friday, Sep 26
Relationships are consummated and secrets are revealed.
Transparent Recap 108
EPISODE 8 Aired Friday, Sep 26
The Pfeffermans flashback to 1994, a time of wish fulfillment for the Pfeffermans.
Transparent Recap 107
EPISODE 7 Aired Friday, Sep 26
The Pfeffermans gather for Maura's performance in Trans Got Talent.
Transparent Recap 106
EPISODE 6 Aired Sunday, Sep 28
Ali needs new school shoes, so Maura foots the bill. Sarah tells her kids their Moppa is magic.
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