Under the Dome

Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
EPISODE 13 Aired Thursday, Sep 10
Ding dong the dome is dead... and it took a few more of Chester's Mill's worst with it.
EPISODE 12 Aired Thursday, Sep 03
The dome is close to coming down, but not before a new queen is born and Jim kills at least one more character.
EPISODE 11 Aired Thursday, Aug 27
Eva's baby is born under the strangest of circumstances while Hektor and Jim test a kinship cure on Junior.
EPISODE 10 Aired Thursday, Aug 20
Everyone's working on a secret agenda, which means Jim shares similar goals, even if he doesn't know it, with a surprising group -- the kinship.
EPISODE 9 Aired Thursday, Aug 13
Julia attempts to alter Barbie's allegiances while Eva learns she's pregnant with the future kinship leader.
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