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Everybody is still abuzz about last night’s instant elimination. It was the gasp heard ‘round the world, and I was stunned myself! Of course, it was at the very end of the show, and in my ear I’m hearing, “You have 30 seconds left!” so in my mind, I have a very formatted job to do: stand with the four, eliminate one, send the three remaining artists off, bring the person getting eliminated to me for their final words, etc. But that decision threw me for such a loop. People were freaking out!

The last time I had this experience was when The Sopranos ended, when they’re in the diner and then it just cuts to black. That’s what it felt like. When Christina said the words “Jesse Campbell,” my brain cut to black, and it was so quiet in the room. If you wonder how I work while in shock, that was it! I don’t even remember the last 30 seconds of the show.

The one thing I do remember is that the whole room was just quiet for a minute. And then as soon as the shock wore off, everybody grouped up and started talking about it. There were mini discussions being had by every single person in that room. Once the emotional part went by, they were just trying to understand it. It instantly sparked dialogue, which is always a good thing. Whether or not Christina made the right move is up for discussion, and by the looks of everybody I’ve seen, people were shocked by it.

Here’s the motivation behind the new rule: Typically, Monday nights are performance shows and Tuesday nights are elimination shows. Adam made a comment last Tuesday night, that it sort of sucks that we’re seeing these incredibly awesome, emotional performances on Tuesday when elimination is on the line. The sing-for-your-life performances have been some of the best performances, and so it got us thinking that the Monday night show is too safe. The easiest way to look at it is that two people from each team are still going home — we just moved one of those eliminations from Tuesday to Monday.

Tonight, one person will be saved by America, and then Blake will save the other (and the same goes for Christina, of course). America saves two, the judges save two, and two go home. None of the math on the show has changed; we just noticed that when there was something at stake, we got the best performances from these people.

There were mixed reviews: Adam thought it was a great idea to have this instant elimination, but Blake didn’t like it and he said it at the top of the show. And Blake went and played the safe route with his decision. He went with America. More people voted for the others last week than they did for Jordis, and Jordis sang for her life and he saved her. But he felt like he couldn’t keep saving her. He had to let America’s numbers from last week force his hand, so he decided based on who he thought America liked more. It was ironic that Jordis said in her interview piece that she’s never been more confident. I thought her performance was great; I liked her singing a softer song. That surprised a lot of people, as did her elimination, but obviously it was much less surprising than Jesse.

You also have to remember that we’re not like other shows. There’s a relationship now between the coaches and the artists who they’re trying to mentor. This isn’t just a black and white issue of who can hold an F sharp longer than the next guy. There’s a lot more at stake here, so don’t underestimate the relationship between coach and artist.

There were comments that said that Jesse must have done something wrong, but Christina made a few remarks that alluded to some things that kind of say, what can she really do for a 42-year-old guy who’s an incredible singer? She was looking for versatility and people who have room to grow, and maybe she just thought with Jesse that what we see is as good as he’s going to get. She can’t coach him anymore, so she’s sending him off into the world.

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