June 14, 2012 at 02:00 PM EDT

We’ve all seen movies following everyday characters dealing with the world coming to a cataclysmic end. But what about a disaster film in which the characters are more focused on their awkward relationship issues than the annihilation of civilization as we know it? That’s the comic premise of It’s a Disaster, an ensemble indie comedy starring Julia Stiles, David Cross, and America Ferrera and premiering next week at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The film opens at the regular Sunday brunch held by three Los Angelino hipster couples, and their perpetual singleton friend Tracy (Julia Stiles), who brings her latest date Glenn (David Cross). “[Her friends] accuse her of sabotaging her relationships, and she insists that it’s the guys who are crazy,” Stiles tells EW. “Then just when she comes around to really fancying the guy that she’s brought [to the brunch], he reveals himself to be somewhat crazy.” Then the world begins to end, but Tracy doesn’t really care. “She has the most delayed reaction,” says Stiles with a laugh. “Her coping mechanism is that she’s more focused on the date that she brought and having her friends admit that she’s right versus the reality of the world ending.”

EW has an exclusive clip from the film, in which the hosts’ neighbor — played by writer-director Todd Berger (The Scensters) — shows up in a Hazmat suit, but has an unexpected set of priorities. Check it out below: 

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