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Happy Friday, nuggets! (Don’t ask; it just felt right.)

Ready for some more neat infos I gathered while in Los Angeles for TCA? I’ll take your silence as a resounding YES! Thanks as always for your questions. Got as many as I could in this week and everyone else should check back next week!  And if you didn’t send any, tisk. Get with it: or find me on Twitter: @EWSandraG. (Tonight, most tweets will be Olympics related. Just a warning.)‘CRIMINAL MINDS’: FOUR TEASES FOR THE NEW SEASON

Can’t wait for the premiere of Criminal Minds? I cornered Erica Messer at the wildly fun CBS/CW/Showtime party at TCA recently to get the scoopiest scoop I could get on the upcoming season 8

1. Jeanne Tripplehorn joins the team. You know this. What you may not know? Her rocky history with Strauss (Jayne Atkinson) stemming from a case back in the day in which Strauss let Tripplehorn’s character, Alex Blake, take the blame when things went south. “It’s so heavy,” says Messer. “And she can talk to Strauss like no one else.”

2. Bellamy Young is coming back for at least three episodes. So Beth’s not going anywhere. “We didn’t want to introduce this person who has made him smile and dismiss it because of a contract situation,” she said. “We’ll explain her absence early on. They’ll have a long-distance relationship.”

3. There’s a nod to Prentiss in the premiere when Garcia and Morgan return from visiting her. Aww.

4. Someone from Hotch’s past will likely be returning for an ep. We’ve seen them before. More info soon…


Here’s the deal: When your friends become parents, things change. Period. We saw this begin last season on How I Met Your Mother. (Remember, “Is this an 8 or higher?”) I’ve gone through it. Some of y’all have probably gone through it. And executive producer Craig Thomas says he’s gone through it. So how will the gang cope with their ever-changing universe? That’s part of the fun coming up in season 8 of HIMYM (pronounced: “him-yim”).

“You’ll see the group deal with that issue [with Marshall and Lily] of ‘I feel like we can’t come to you with our stuff anymore because you have this whole bigger problem of being parents. But I still want to be friends. I still want to bring my stuff to you,'” says Thomas. Other big issues? Lily will start to wrestle with some big questions of her own — like whether or not she wants a career and who can babysit (Robin…?).. “There’s something really nice about seeing this adorable little baby and seeing what I think is TV’s best couple become TV’s best parents,” he adds.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, earlier this week I teased a Neil Patrick Harris “tour de force” that will find him delving into his deepest fears as he crafts a prenup, I crushed a weird foreign-born rumor about Jason Segel’s future on the show, and rejoiced with the rest of y’all about news that Joe Manganiello is returning for an arc! Read all about it here.


Teen Wolf‘s second season finale is coming up around the corner, and who better to tap for some teases than the show’s stars! So see below for some choice information from Tyler Posey and Linden Ashby, who plays Mr. Stilinski.

+ The new baddie (…or baddies?)

Executive producer Jeff Davis already let the cat out of the bag about introducing a new baddie, but the real scoop? “There might be more than one,” says Ashby. Elsewhere, Tyler Posey teases: “This new threat is scarier, and more evil than those that came before….Scott and Stiles are in danger but they don’t know it yet. It’s the end of the season. The audience knows that the new baddie has shown up but they do not. Not yet.”

+ The death

We know one’s coming. But who is it? They won’t say, of course! But “it’s good,” promises Ashby. “This train that has been barreling down the tracks is coming to the station. I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed.”

+ A sweet father-son moment?

Stiles and his dad have always had a bit of a contentious relationship (filled with love, mind you), but will the elder Stilinski ever learn the truth about what’s going on in town, like Scott’s mom? Probably not this season, “but there’s some really nice stuff between [Stiles and his dad]” says Ashby. And Ashby also shared some other good news: “I might get my job back!” he says. “And there might be a little bit of romance brewing.”

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