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I’ve got mixed feelings about the CSI: NY silent episode but I think this season has been good so far. — John

Thanks for your comment! I hope there was also an invisible scoop request in there somewhere because I have something fun I want to share! When I spoke with EP Pam Veasey about said silent hour, she spilled on plans to do a “special episode that involves a Parker Brothers Game.” Take a moment to absorb that. “We decided to do a lot of fun things this year and really take our characters on a ride and try new things and storytelling,” she says. And while she declined to share any more specifics on the exact game, I toss it to you, gang. ARE WE GOING TO GET A CLUE EPISODE?!? (Would Psych be jealous?) Or will there be a curve ball? Monopoly, perhaps? Maybe even a Ouija board?

Are they leading up to a Carter/Reese romance? #PersonOfInterest — @MollyFaraday

My guess is no. But only because I preach the word of the lovely Taraji P. Henson, who had some majorly insightful thoughts on this would-be pairing. “I think just from being involved and knowing the characters in-depth like I do, I honestly don’t think Reese is capable of that kind of love anymore,” she says. “I don’t think that he has the capacity to give himself up in that way and save lives.” Of course, there’s never any telling what’s in the plans further down the line, but would you agree, fans? Would it be out of character for Reese? (Also, for the record, Henseon says she’s “open to it.”)

Sandra, please give me some Zoe/Wade scoop! They are the BEST part of Hart of Dixie! — Lara

Really? Because I would go with 1) Wade’s abs. 2) Zoe/Wade. But we’re all entitled to our opinions. Anyway, according to Wilson Bethel, there’s plenty in store this season for this pair. “Zoe and Wade fans will be pleased to see where this season is going,” he says. “It’s not all roses by any means, but it’s a lot of fun Zoe-and-Wade stuff. For fans who’ve picked that side in the love triangle, they’ll be pleased.” Plus, Zoe Hart is a stronger woman than I if she can continue NOT falling for the good-looking guy who is constantly ready and willing to help her when she’s in a tough spot. One upcoming example? Wade finds Zoe a rent-a-Santa after she accidentally takes the town’s out of commission. And who he finds to step in is definitely someone we’ve seen before!

What a GREAT Nikita premiere. I’m loving that Michael and Nikita are going to make it official. (Best engagement ever?) To celebrate, how about some Mikita scoop? — Nicole

What’s the saying? First comes love, then comes marriage, then…NOT so fast. In next week’s episode, a little session of girl talk between Alex and Nikita will spur into a conversation about children. More specifically, Nikita’s desire to run far, far, away from them. But the week’s case may enlighten her a bit on the subject. Meanwhile, do NOT miss the epic Doctor Who reference that Birkoff makes. I want it as my ringtone.

Can I just put in a blanket request for Homeland scoop? EVERY week, please. — Joe F.

Joe, do I look like TIVO? Think I just hand out season passes? As if! But I do have something for you this week: Notice an icky bandage on Brody’s hand in the promo for next week’s episode? You’ll never guess who does that to him. It’s pretty cringe-worthy — and fantastic. Elsewhere, Dana’s relationship with the VP’s son is going to take a wrong (and possibly deadly) turn…

I’d like some Parks and Rec scoop, and if you won’t do it for me, do it for Princess Ron Swanson. — Polly

Fact: I’ll do anything for Princess Ron Swanson. Also a fact: This week’s Halloween episode of Parks very well could have been a Valentine’s Day episode. It’s THAT sweet. If it’s not Ron experiencing a major breakthrough as a member of the human race, it’s Ben and Leslie taking a huge step in their relationship.

Sandra, I’m not happy about what’s going on with Blue Bloods. I love Danny and Jackie. Please tell me some good news. — Jenn

I’m hearing good buzz around Megan Ketch as Det. Kate Lansing. I’m told she and Danny will have some on-screen growing pains that also give us a chance to get to know the character a bit. One thing Danny should be warned about? She’s a lousy shot.

I’m really enjoying Deb’s knowing about Dexter’s secret, and I didn’t think I would. Do you think we will ever see her get in on the killing? — Rob

In some way, I think she feels like she’s already in on it. As we saw last night, the weight of protecting Dexter is weighing heavily on her and it will continue to do so. Dexter, meanwhile, will feel lucky to have Deb watching his back in next week’s episode. As it turns out, Dexter may not be so good at covering his tracks as he insists he is.

Office or Community! — Danny

Stephen Colbert’s performance as Andy’s former Here Comes Treble buddy, Broccoli Rob, is pretty fantastic. Andy, however, is less than pleased to see him (via Skype) — especially after learning that Rob has been spreading lies to alums. And as Andy will learn by the end of the episode, Rob isn’t the only one who’s been lying to him…

Sandra, can you PLEASE send a note to the team at Grimm at let them know that we want more Juliette and Renard. I know we’re supposed to be rooting for Nick, but I can’t help it. They’re too good. Make it happen. — Lesley

I know you’re far from the only one itching for more of Juliette/Renard! And while they don’t cross paths all that much in Friday’s episode, the week’s case will bring Juliette (who spends the hour translating for her friends at the PD) together with a woman who has a lot of insight on her current issue.

Grey’s Anatomy scoop? PLEASE! — Jane

Episode 10 has an “I do”! And though the couple at the end of the aisle won’t be a huge surprise, I think everyone will be more surprised by which pair stages a drunken break-in to a stranger’s hotel room.

Anything on New Girl? — Kaci

Let’s play a game. I’ll say a scene and you tell me which character you think would be in it. 1) Stripper fight. Answer hint: Not Schmidt. (Though, I’m sure he’s sad he missed it.) 2) Drunken visit to ex at an inappropriate time of day. Answer hint: Not Nick.  3) Someone in their underwear while face down on the floor. Answer hint: It could really be any of them. But it’s not Jess — this time.

(Nuzhat Naoreen and Lanford Beard contributed to this column.)

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