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March 27, 2013 at 04:58 PM EDT

No time for a flowery preamble today, friends. So let’s get to your weekly scoop-a-palooza.

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And because I know you secretly miss my rambling introduction:


Let’s admit it: When Clarie got into the car with Joe Carroll’s goons at the end of Monday’s The Following, you threw something at the TV. Right?

Well, from what Natalie Zea tells us, Claire’s crazy move will actually launch us into a phase she calls “New Claire.” Now that she’s heading into enemy territory, Claire is going to have to play Joe’s game, and she knows that. But don’t expect her game plan to include biting her tongue. “She’s not afraid to tell [Joe’s followers] that they’re crazy,” says Zea.

Also, Zea said viewers can expect the long-awaited confrontation between her and the son-stealing Emma sooner rather than later. “It gets real,” she previews. (Hopefully, “real” = Claire goes all mama bear on Emma and rips her a new one.)

And as you might guess, yes, there will be a reunion with Joe, which is “tumultuous,” she says.


If you love the Grace-Finch storyline on CBS’s Person of Interest, you’re going to dig what’s coming up.

“[Finch’s] relationship with Grace is central to the end of the season,” Michael Emerson reveals to EW. “The audience will see her in the course of more flashbacks to a happier time, [and] we’ll see the beginnings of their relationship and it’s evolution.”

Also toward the end of the season, said Emerson, we can expect a return from Sarah Shahi as what Emerson refers to as the “very dangerous, unpredictable, kick-ass secret warrior” Samantha Shaw, and also expect the Machine to also be a a big part of the remaining episodes as the show explores “it’s past, its present and its future — if there is one.”

“Although ours is a series that is comprised of standalone episodes, we do have a kind of overarching mythology and that has to do with the life of the machine — it’s origins, its development and its current utility. Or it’s current danger. And so we will go back to that, which I think is an interesting theme to most of the viewers of the show,” he says. “That will be a big story that takes us out of season 2. “


Get excited, Teen Wolf, fans! The Derek flashback episode you’ve all been asking about sounds to be just as good as you hoped it would be. Jeff Davis explains that he decided to go back in time so that he could show a Derek that was “completely different” and so viewers could see for themselves how Derek came to be the character he is.

“We’re going to learn about Derek’s past and we’re going to see him as a sophomore in high school and learn more about his relationship with Peter, Laura and his mother as well,” he says. “So we’re going to see the Hales at a different time in Beacon Hills. It’s a little darker. It’s going to be a fun flashback episode.”

But it won’t be the whole episode (“about two-thirds,” to be more exact.). Nonetheless, we’ll also learn why some werewolves have blue eyes instead of yellow, AND meet a confrontational Beta named Marco. One thing we won’t see in this ep? The introduction of Derek’s father, and Davis explains that he’s not sure when he’ll pull that card. “One of the reasons [we didn’t show him] is because I wanted to be able to present his mother as a very powerful, strong matriarch,” he says. “The two big families in this show are kind of matriarchal. We have the Hales where the most powerful alpha was Talia, Derek’s mother, and we have the Argents, where in their family, the women are the decision makers. They send the men out to be soldiers.”

Still, Davis says, “this season has some of our most dramatic weight yet. So there will be a lot of gravity to these episodes.”

Stay tuned for more Teen Wolf scoop soon, friends. Watch my Twitter account in the next week or so. The next treat will be more visual…

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