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October 15, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

Supernatural dropped a bomb on fans in last week’s season premiere by dropping an angel in Sam.

If you missed the episode, you can read our recap here. But if you’re interested in what comes next, you’re in the right place.

Below, executive producer Jeremy Carver talks — as much as he can — about the next steps for the boys and previews moments both “hilarious” and “heartbreaking.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, what can you say about the rules of angel possession here? Can Ezekiel come in and out of Sam whenever he wants? How does that affect Sam’s memory? Can he remember what happens when Ezekiel decides to pay a visit? 

JEREMY CARVER: I would love to answer that question, but I think some of the fun of it is going to be watching with Dean as he addresses just that. I think part of the fun and part of the drama here is learning this through Dean’s eyes, because he’s not even 100 percent sure of how this is going to work. And that’s very much of the episodes to come. So I’d prefer we leave it at that for now.

How are we going to see Sam? He obviously didn’t have a clue that he was being possessed by an angel at the end of the premiere. How long before he — if at all — starts getting a sense that something’s not quite right?

Sandra, you’re asking all the questions I can’t answer! That’s all part of the conflict here and for the scenario that’s been set up. I have to defer to the upcoming episodes. I don’t mean to sidestep everything, but you’re hitting on everything we think is so intriguing about this setup. These are all the right questions to be asking; I’d just love for them to be answered on-screen.

Let’s talk about Dean then. Tell me what you can about him and what he’ll be going through in the next episodes.

[In the premiere] he made two major decisions that are not only going to affect his brother, but drive the mythology in ways that even he isn’t quite prepared to deal with. In that way, Dean, I feel like for the first time in a long time, is really driving what’s going on here. There’s so much weight on his shoulders because, as far as we know, based on episode 1, he can’t really confide in Sam what’s truly going on here. So I think it’s an extra burden put upon Dean that comes up in [lots of] ways that we’ll see in upcoming episodes. And how it affected Dean is going to be seen in the practical — in how he deals with his brother, who is unaware of what’s keeping him alive — and it just really runs the gamut. It creates humorous scenarios for Dean; it creates some heartbreaking scenarios for Dean. And it’s really very interesting to watch how the character is going to deal with what’s essentially a decision he made.

Humorous ways?

Well, I think you’re going to see numerous moments peppered throughout episodes. There’s not one particular episode that’s dedicated to “that funny little angel that’s stuck in Sam.” [Laughs] Let’s just say it’s a bit of a new experience for Dean to be talking to Sam, who is also possessed by an angel. As the show often does, we can treat it in different ways.

In terms of Castiel, the premiere gave us an idea of what he’s in for as a human. One really smart question I received via Twitter was: is Cas going to have to get an anti-possession tattoo?

You know, that’s an excellent question to ask. Does he have the wherewithal, does he have the real need to — we sort of posed that question in episode 1 when we had that angel Hael sort of thinking that she would possess him. But I think I’ll leave it at that, because it is a very good question, and one we will address.

Talk to me about Dean and Cas’s relationship now that he’s a human. We’ve heard Dean perhaps might have a hard time seeing the value in Cas. Talk to me about his relationship with the boys.

I think there’s a value in Cas in the same way there’s a value in your best friend or a brother or a colleague. Cas is part of this family, and just because he’s human doesn’t in any way devalue him in our world or specifically to the brothers. So I hope people wouldn’t think that. That’s the opposite of what we’re doing. We’ve created a whole new landscape for a beloved character to find himself. So, no, I think if anything, Cas’s value is even greater to the boys, and that’s going to lead to some funny moments and some heartbreaking moments as well, because you have both Cas and the boys trying to adjust to what’s a new situation for both of them.

That’s good to hear, because we heard Cas gets thrown out of the Men of Letters bunker, and I think some fans got a little worried.

To address that…I’m not going to confirm or deny anything you’ve heard. [Laughs] But nobody puts Cas in a corner. Everything is with pretty good reason, so people should rest assured. Like I said, we’re really trying to take these characters individually and really give them some very human choices to make. We’ve said it again and again, folks in the greater community may not always agree with the choices a specific character will make, but they will understand them. I think it’s very important we keep these choices and characters compelling.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki star as the Winchester brothers, hellbent on battling the paranormal forces of evil.
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