January 22, 2015 at 07:43 PM EST

A box might not seem like the most romantic place to have sex, but that’s where WE tv show Sex Box sends couples who need to work on their intimacy issues—and in front of a live studio audience, no less.

The titular sex box is soundproof and camera-free, though, so viewers don’t actually see the action happen. But the couple does exit the box post-sex—silk pajamas and all—to talk with a panel of experts, including a sex therapist and a couples’ counselor, about their relationship experiences both in and outside the box.

The problems these couples face range from having too little sex to having too much, from having trust issues to wanting more spice in the bedroom. And they all go on a show called Sex Box to solve them. Whatever works.

Sex Box premieres on WE tv Feb. 27 10 p.m.

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