February 19, 2015 at 09:07 PM EST

It’s certainly no Miranda July or Norman Reedus, but we love it anyway: Punk band Sleater-Kinney has teamed up with Bob’s Burgers for the group’s “A New Wave” video, complete with child-size mosh pits and intensely animated guitar solos.

The video also tells us what we always suspected: Tina Belcher is a secret Sleater-Kinney fan. She’s the one who initiates the impromptu mini-concert in her bedroom when she pops in a CD (presumably S-K’s recent No Cities to Love), leading Louise and Gene to come in and join the rock ‘n’ roll fun

Watch two excellent trios join as one in the video below:

This isn’t Bob’s Burgers first foray into indie-rock, of course—the show collaborated with the National for a memorable holiday-themed video back in 2013. Sleater-Kinney, meanwhile, has been all over pop culture lately: The band featured a parade of celebrity pals in their recent “No Cities to Love” video, and in January they joined the women of Broad City for a freewheeling panel discussion.

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