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The Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con on Sunday was a slash shipper’s dream come true.

A highlight reel of the show’s most romantic moments was interrupted by Chris Wood, who decided to give the people what they really want — the bad guys. (Fitting, given that he’s been nominated for Choice TV Villain at the Teen Choice Awards for the show airing Aug. 16.) 

After showing some of the most villainous moments — including that time Katherine gruesomely murdered John — Wood wondered whether there was a way to mesh both “epic romance” and “evil.”

There was!

The video concludes with a reenactment of the Delena rain kiss from earlier last season, but this time between Wood and Ian Somerhalder and — dare we say it? — it was almost more romantic than the original.

Just like Elena’s death won’t keep fans from shipping Delena, we have a feeling that Damon cutting Kai’s head clean off in the season 6 finale won’t keep fans from continuing to ship Kaimon, especially after the cannon fodder so helpfully provided by the TVD crew.

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