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August 03, 2016 at 12:29 AM EDT

Animal Kingdom

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Crime, Drama
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Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy
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After weeks of teasing a big job, it’s finally time for the Cody boys — along with the perpetually nervous Paul — to pull off their heist of the military base. The money is in place, the plan looks solid, and their cover is intact. Now, all they need to do is the hard part: actually accomplish the job.

The heist gets off to a good start, as the guys make it past the military checkpoint rather easily. Their fake IDs, story about heading to the paintball park, and good ol’ American country music seems to have worked in fooling everyone. They find their way into the paintball game and, from there, set out on their own and move through a tunnel to meet Paul.

He finds them on the other side, where the boys have changed into military uniforms. They snag a key from Paul, who rushes off as quickly as he can, and hop in a Hummer. They make their way to a ventilation shaft and Pope, Craig, and Baz snake their way into Building 15 while Deran waits with the truck outside, watching for anything suspicious. So far, so good.

Once the guys make it inside the lockup, they get to work. They grab the real money and swap it with the fake cash Pope ironed out. They replace a bunch of barcodes and tracking numbers, and after hiding from four officers who briefly come inside the building, move on to the next part of the plan. That means stashing the money inside barrels of diesel, and after Baz does some quick thinking and manages to get the levels of the barrels just right, he calls Deran for the pickup.

Deran pulls up and they take off, bringing the truck to get demolished before heading home, where Smurf is waiting for them with freshly baked apple pie. The guys are ecstatic about pulling off the job, even if it’s not officially done yet. Baz is charged with the first watch of the money, which is being tracked, so the boys can snag the barrels once they’re on the move. Still, so far it’s a job well done.

But this is the second-to-last episode of the season, and as Animal Kingdom has already been renewed for more, that simply can’t be the end of the robbery. See, there are threats to the Cody family lurking all around. Not only is Paul calling Baz and checking in with him (like a complete idiot), but Catherine is throwing a wrench into the whole operation.

She shows up at Smurf’s house while the guys are executing the job, doing her best to put on a faux-congenial attitude with the woman she hates. The visit isn’t about making amends with Lena’s grandmother, though. It’s about grabbing some money and skipping town. She sneaks out to the laundry area and snags $10,000 from behind the dryer before taking off with Lena, thinking she’s been truly sneaky.

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However, Smurf’s smarter than that. After Lena spills the beans about her mom having a cop friend, Smurf is suspicious. Then, when she goes to finish her laundry, she realizes $10,000 is missing. She doesn’t know for sure it’s Catherine, but she can put two and two together. Something’s up.

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