August 10, 2016 at 01:14 AM EDT

Animal Kingdom

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Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy
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As the season finale of Animal Kingdom kicks off, it’s been three days since the robbery — and three days since Catherine, as far as Baz knows, went missing. Baz is frantic, roaming around the house and trying to come up with a plan to find her. He even asks Lena to try and remember what happened that night, despite the fact that she was (mostly) sleeping. Smurf, who knows the truth about Catherine, tries to calm him down, reprimanding him for not accepting the “truth”: Catherine packed a bag, took her passport, and left him for a new life.

Smurf is basically in charge of keeping everyone cool right now. Since the robbery, one thing after another seems to be popping up and threatening to completely destroy the Cody family. There’s Craig and Deran, still waiting for the money to move, with the former passing the time by snorting coke off the GPS that tracks the cash. There’s J, whom Smurf orders to break up with his teacher because such a relationship could draw unwanted attention to the family. And, of course, there’s Pope, trying his best to keep it together after killing Catherine.

The thing is, explaining away Catherine’s absence to Baz isn’t so easy. He doesn’t believe she’d just up and leave without Lena. So, Smurf comes up with a plan that will hopefully benefit everyone. She shows Baz the money they used to pay off Vin, and plants the idea in his head that Vin came to the house to threaten everyone, including Catherine. Pope, seeing this, can only play along.

With J receiving his orders from Smurf, he heads to Alexa’s house and — you guessed it — has sex with her again, before confronting her with the idea that Yates asked Alexa to sleep with him. She tells him the truth, that Yates used Alexa’s drug charge to blackmail her into sleeping with him, but insists what they have is real.

Meanwhile, back at the Cody house, Smurf has another problem to deal with. Paul shows up at the door — Smurf can barely conceal her disdain for this man’s stupidity — and starts making demands. Apparently, his new life of crime has emboldened him. He tells Smurf he wants a larger cut ($150,000) because they couldn’t have done the job without him. He says the delay in moving the money is because of him, so if Smurf agrees to the bigger payday, the money will be released and everyone will be happy.

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While Craig and Deran follow four trucks that could have the money, waiting to establish which one has the barrels in the back, Pope and Baz kidnap Vin and bring him to an abandoned warehouse. While Pope listens, Baz beats the hell out of Vin as he’s tied to a chair. He asks him over and over again what he did with Catherine, but of course, Vin has no answers. Eventually, Baz gives up and Pope tells him to go home, that he’ll “take care” of Vin, who’s on the verge of death at this point.

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