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Across the hospital, Owen and Callie hit a snag in their robotics trial when one of the military vets, Jordan, falls and hits his head while testing out the robotic leg. Amelia successfully performs surgery on him, but he’s in a coma when he comes out and the doctors don’t know when he’s going to wake up. Callie’s already having a hard go at things, so this is not helping. Know what else isn’t helping? Owen blaming her for the accident. Owen holds her partly responsible because he thinks it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t allowed Jordan and his best friend Rick compete to try out the leg first. Having spent time in the military, he knows that they don’t evaluate risk like everyone else. Compared to disarming a bomb in a supermarket filled with families, trying to walk up stairs with a new robotic leg seems like a piece of cake.

Because all of this isn’t enough for Callie, Rick tells her that he won’t try out the leg until Jordan wakes up and gets it first. This prompts Callie to quit the trial because she believes Owen was right: that she doesn’t really understand military vets. Owen, fresh off a bonding moment with Amelia, apologizes for being angry and refuses to let her quit and commands her to convince Rick to rejoin the trial. As to be expected, Callie’s able to get Rick in the trial and toward the end of the episode we see him take his first steps with the robotic leg.

Meanwhile, April goes in for a routine ultrasound and is surprised to find that Edwards will be the one performing it. [ASIDE: I forgot Stephanie and Avery dated until tonight. END ASIDE.] As we found out last week, April and Avery want to be surprised by the baby’s gender, unfortunately, Edwards accidentally refers to it as a “he” when she tells April that he’s seated like a Buddha. When Avery comes in, he says that’s how the baby was positioned in their last ultrasound, which worries Edwards for some initially unknown reason.

Not wanting to jump to conclusions and unnecessarily scare the happy couple, Edwards seeks Jo’s advice, and Jo sees what Edwards sees and suggests that she ask Robbins. However, Robbins is dealing with her own problems as she and Herman are still yelling at each other because Arizona’s still not comfortable with not knowing anything about Herman’s personal life or the exact nature of the brain tumor. But, hey, Herman, who we find out is divorced and without children, is dying and couldn’t care less about what Arizona thinks she needs to know; Herman is more concerned with enjoying her last few days. This enjoyment includes trying every flavor of ice cream and, because this is Grey’s Anatomy, having as much sex as possible—specifically sex with Graham, who makes up for what he lacks in surgical skill in being aesthetically pleasing.

“Robbins, I don’t know how any orgasms I have left in life, but it may be fewer than flavors of ice cream, so I can’t spare any. Stop. stealing. my orgasm,” says Herman to Arizona after Arizona told Graham to stop sleeping with Herman. [ASIDE: Who else felt slightly uncomfortable when Graham mentioned that Herman was “open to suggestions”? END ASIDE.] Arizona cares so much about who Herman sleeps with because she’s worried it’s a symptom of the tumor. Earlier in the episode, Arizona fraudulently called Herman’s doctors and asked that they forward all of her records to Amelia, the head of neuro. Of course, Amelia gets her hands on them before Arizona and is immediately taken with the tumor, which she describes as beautiful. As they’re examining the tumor, Amelia informs her of the potential side effects, one of which is inappropriate sexual conduct. Herman’s aforementioned speech, however, convinces Arizona that sleeping with Graham is not a symptom of her cancer.

A fairly poignant moment comes amidst all of Arizona’s obsessing over Herman’s condition when Arizona comes across her ex-wife, who’s also having a dreadful day. Asking if they can pretend like everything between them is okay, Arizona takes a seat next to Callie and the two of them share a nice moment when they assure each other that they’ll work everything out. Unfortunately, reality must reassert itself and the moment ends, but not before Arizona asks if Callie misses her, to which Callie says yes—but as Arizona points out, not enough.

Eventually, Arizona and Edwards show the troubling ultrasound to Herman who confirms their fears: April and Avery’s baby has osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital birth defect where the baby has fragile bones that are easily broken and for no reason, and in fatal cases, the disease can be detected in utero. If the baby does survive birth, it will only live for a few weeks. Although this is a very tragic turn of events, it’s not wholly surprising because I can’t think of any Grey-Sloane Memorial pregnancy that’s ever gone off without a hitch. To make matters worse for Edwards, who’s already in an uncomfortable position, Avery overhears her and Herman talking about it, deduces it’s his baby when Herman comments on how cute it looks seated like the Buddha and asks what’s wrong with his kid.

In a hardly used room in the hospital, Amelia is still poring over Herman’s brain scans. And Arizona, who’s convinced Herman’s okay and does not want her to find out she stole her medical files, is not happy when she finds out Amelia is working on the case. However, Amelia has a good news for Arizona, she thinks she can remove the tumor, which is a great moment for Amelia because after last week, she needs another win.

Because this isn’t enough to deal with, a representative from the White House is also floating around the hospital trying to convince Derek to accept the position in Washington. At first Derek says no, but following a heated argument with Meredith when he explains why he really resents her—for not supporting his decision to stay, to give up everything—he accepts it. Standing outside of the hospital and still yelling at each other, Meredith tells him he should’ve taken the job. That’s what he does, proudly and right in front of her, and this upsets Meredith. We end the episode with Meredith telling him to go, but she means it, she wants him to go.


— I’m loving Alex becoming Meredith’s new person and I’m glad that Jo, based on the ending, is finally starting to accept that.

— Weber: “Shepherd screwed me again.” Bailey: “I don’t care for the way that sounds.”

— I thought I was over Sandra Oh leaving and then they showed us that flashback to her sun speech in the last season finale. All the feelz! However, Meredith hanging out with Alex, Callie, and Maggie helps fill the void left by Cristina.

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