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October 05, 2015 at 07:35 PM EDT

TV pilots have a lot of work to do. They have to introduce all the characters. They have to establish the tone and set up all the plot points. And most of all — they have to do it in an entertaining, engaging way so that you’ll come back for episode 2. The second hour can take a break and ease into the story in a way the pilot couldn’t.

That is not what Quantico‘s “America” did. I didn’t think it was possible, but episode 2 somehow had even more information and table setting than the show’s premiere. It was a jam-packed hour that was…honestly…frustrating. But maybe that’s my feeling because I was thinking about how I was going to recap it.

A flowchart?

Miranda probably used to love Liam → Liam loves Alex, but she doesn’t love him → Alex loves Ryan, but so does Nathalie, who we are to believe was at the academy since day 1.

A bulleted list?

New girl can do 50 pushups.

• Twin No. 1 can do 10 pushups.

• Twin No. 2 can do 12 pushups.

A timeline?

Pre-academy: Simon picks out glasses.

Academy: Simon has to get new glasses.

Post-academy: Simon and his glasses are M.I.A.

See! The options are endless! Last week I organized it by character (and whether or not he/she was guilty, which I will do again this week), but in order to keep the flash-forwards and -backwards straight, this recap will go chronological. Here’s hoping it’s less confusing than the episode!

Academy Interviews

In a flashback, assuming that the Academy days are our present (you would think this show was about time travel), we see the candidates in one-on-one interviews. They’re all asked one question: “Why do you want to be an FBI agent?”

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Most of these interview aren’t that notable, but what is is what each candidate does following his or her interview: Simon picks out glasses, breaks one pair, and then tapes it back together to create the glasses he wears now. Shelby gets into the back of a town car and deletes an Arabic contact from her phone. And one of the Nimahs meets with Miranda right outside the door (confirming what most of you commenters caught last week that I didn’t — the AD created the twin plan).

The two interviews that are worth paying attention to are The New Girl’s and Alex’s. The New Girl (TNG henceforth) tells us she is a cop, and we see she has a scar behind her ear. You’ll need to remember this later. What Alex says in her interview isn’t as important as who’s watching her from behind the one-way mirror: Liam and Ryan. The trainer tells his operative, “That’s your mark.” And when Alex says she believes in the country and what it stands for, Liam just does his now-signature creepy smile.

NEXT: What happens at the academy…

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