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October 21, 2016 at 04:53 AM EDT

Despite their current rift, Red is finally upfront with Lizzie about his plan in this week’s Blacklister debriefing: The hematologist they found last week will get them to Kirk, but it’s the Blacklister they’re hunting for this week who will get Kirk to finally hand over baby Agnes. In fact, there are a lot of plainly stated truths flying around The Blacklist tonight — a rarity for this series, especially in season 4 when everyone is keeping something from someone. Namely, The Lizzie Problem™ (I don’t really have that trademarked… It’s patent pending, obviously).

It’s Lizzie herself who tells Red, “I’m in the middle, between you and Kirk, between Tom and Kirk. Can you at least admit how difficult that is?” But Red can’t, as he made up his mind a long time ago about Kirk. To Red, Kirk’s not Lizzie’s father, he’s a bad guy who only wants Agnes for her blood cells, etc. The difficulty with Lizzie — both in this Kirk scenario and as a recurring frustration with her character — is she never makes up her mind. She’s in a permanent state of toeing the line, ready to jump one way or another to whomever has the more convincing argument at the time: Red, Tom, Kirk, her ghost=mom, a file handed over by a random Russian man — whenever she feels like she’s finally getting a bit of the truth she so craves.

And I can understand why. It’s surely not easy to trust when you’re always un-repressing memories you’re not sure are real and finding devices that could start World War III in your stuffed bunny from childhood…a stuffed bunny that was burned in a fire during which you maybe shot your dad. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Liz’s dad, it kind of seems like any man around the age of 50 could very well be him. I mean, I get it. But what I also know — and what Red knows — is that sooner or later, Lizzie is going to have to take herself out of the middle and pick a side. Elizabeth Keen may be able to toe the line all the time, but Masha Rostova is already smack dab in the center of this race.


The episode opens on a you’re-in-trouble-pal trifecta: a storage unit, a mystery prototype of some device from which multicolored liquids bubble, and a sketchy man in a double-breasted suit. Said sketchy man is meeting with the inventor of said prototype and tells said inventor he’s about to become a very rich man. He then asks him who else knows about the device, poisons him with a champagne toast, and electrifies him to death in his own storage locker. So rude.

The killer — seen changing out of his slick inventor-killing threads into a dumpy work outfit to go to a degrading office job — has been identified by Red as the key to getting Kirk to deliver Agnes back to Lizzie. However, Red doesn’t know it’s this guy yet — he knows him as The Lindquist Concern, a group paid by corporations to suppress new inventions that could potentially undercut them if they made it to market. But instead of stalling the invention, they just kill the inventor altogether and get rid of their revolutionary product. It should be noted that Red relays this all this inside a church where he’s currently squatting, shortly after torturing Kirk’s doctor with a with a candiru fish, a.k.a. the fish that can allegedly travel up a man’s… Well, just Google it if you’re curious.

But the tiny little fish works: The doctor admits he should be seeing Kirk for a weekly appointment within the next 24 hours, but he won’t know where until Kirk calls him. Liz says she’s sticking by Red’s side until they safely extract Agnes, so while they wait, the Post Office works on The Lindquist Concern. They learn the most recent genius-inventor to mysteriously show up dead is our friend from the intro, Omar. They head to his office, where his coworkers divulge he mostly kept to himself, though he was clearly excited about an independent project he’d been recently working on. They also say if the FBI is going to get any useful information, they’ll have to talk to Omar’s wife…

Omar’s wife, who’s currently watching a suicide note she didn’t write print from Omar’s computer in their home basement. Man, that one creeped me out. And the note was, of course, courtesy of the creep who killed Omar, back to fake the suicide of the only other person who knew about his invention… Or so he thought. When Ressler and Samar make it to Omar’s house to find his wife dead and his lab wiped clean, they find one other thing: a photo strip tucked inside a book featuring Omar and one of his female coworkers looking mighty cozy.

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James Spader returns as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI.
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